Bookmarklets chrome android exploit

A lot of organizations optimize their websites for mobile. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean these sites aren't cluttered with ads, extraneous links, and all manner of other junk. Readera built-in iOS feature in Safari, strips a page down to its bare essentials. While it's not a dedicated feature of the operating system, you can achieve the same thing on Android using a Readability or Instapaper bookmarklet.

On Chrome in Android, go to Readability's bookmarklet page here and press and hold the "Read Now" bookmarklet link at the top of the list. If you prefer Instapaper, go here and do the same thing for the Text bookmarklet option. In the new menu that pops up, tap "Copy Link Address. Give it a name that's easy to type, paste in the Javascript address you copied before, and save the bookmark.

Now, when you visit a website in Chrome, tap in the Address Bar and start typing your bookmark name. Gigaom's Kevin C.

Tofel recommends starting the name of your bookmark with an asterisk so that it pops up immediately when you start typing. Now, the page should be stripped of all those extraneous menu bars and advertisements, so you can read in peace.

IOS offers a built-in service called Reader for stripping websites of extraneous content.

Beware! Google Chrome address bar can reportedly be used to launch a phishing attack

You can do the same thing on Android using a Readability bookmarklet. Deer III 's rib cage, made from old typewriter keys. Here's how Reader transforms a standard mobile page into a clean, clutter-free reading experience. View Comments.

Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More Stories. Author: Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica. Author: Gregory Barber Gregory Barber. Author: Parker Hall Parker Hall.Or, you can install the bookmarklet manually. If you prefer a video, refer to the bookmarklet installation screencast for week two. The instructions are different for each browser:. Dragging the link to the bookmarks bar is the easiest way to do this in Safari.

Bookmarklets chrome android exploit

Otherwise we have to create a bookmark for something else, and then edit the URL to be the Javscript we want to run. Older versions of Internet Explorer don't support drag-and-drop bookmarks, so this might be your only option with IE. Otherwise, continue. If you have the newer Chrome, follow these instructions: Click the blue "New" button in the left column Copy the JavaScript by right-clicking on the bookmarklet link and selecting 'Copy Link Location' Paste the code into the "URL" field.

Click the gray "Add" button. Firefox There are two ways to do this in Firefox: To install a bookmarklet you created in Firefox: In Firefox, click "Bookmarks," then select "Bookmark this Page" Type a name for your bookmarklet into the Name field, and select where you want the bookmark to live. If you want it easily accessible, choose the "Bookmarks Toolbar. Right-click on it and select "Properties.

Click Save. If you want to install a bookmarklet that is on a webpage: In Firefox, if you already have a bookmarklet on a web page, right-click on the bookmarklet link Select "Bookmark This Link" Type the name of your Bookmarklet in the "Name" field Click "Save" 3.

Safari Dragging the link to the bookmarks bar is the easiest way to do this in Safari. In Safari, load any web page. We're use infopeople. You can't add a bookmark unless you're on a page already, it seems. Select the folder or location where you want the bookmarklet Use "Favorites Bar" for easy access. Then type the name of your bookmarklet in the text field.Sign up for cybersecurity newsletter and get latest news updates delivered straight to your inbox daily.

Hackers have found a new way to hack your Android smartphone and remotely gain total control of it, even if your device is running the most up-to-date version of the Android operating system. Security researcher Guang Gong recently discovered a critical zero-day exploit in the latest version of Chrome for Android that allows an attacker to gain full administrative access to the victim's phone and works on every version of Android OS.

The exploit leverages a vulnerability in JavaScript v8 enginewhich comes pre-installed on almost all Millions modern and updated Android phones. All the attacker needs to do is tricking a victim to visit a website that contains malicious exploit code from Chrome browser. Once the victim accessed the site, the vulnerability in Chrome is exploited to install any malware application without user interaction, allowing hackers to gain remotely full control of the victim's phone.

Complete technical details on the exploit are not available yet, but the researcher has already alerted Google to the bug, and the company is expected to pay out a sizeable bug bounty for the exploit. Just to be on the safer side, Android users are advised to use alternative browsers until Google patches the vulnerability. Found this article interesting? AndroidAndroid hacking toolchrome browserChrome vulnerabilityhacking android phonehacking browserzero-day exploitZero-Day Vulnerability.

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A Handy Chrome Hack That Simplifies Obnoxious Mobile Sites

Proven methods to build security awareness in developers. Watch the webinar. All Intel processors released in the past 5 years contain an unpatchable vulnerability. Cybersecurity Newsletter — Stay Informed.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Go back.

Create, view & edit bookmarks

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Apr 27, If you are using Chrome on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, you should run the browser update immediately.

Bookmarklets chrome android exploit

The new version of Chrome- These vulnerabilities can enable an attacker to escalate privileges on an affected system. Google is aware that the exploit for CVE exists in the wild. Google considers the severity of these issues as high and urges users to upgrade to the most recent version of Chrome. This vulnerability is being used by hackers and can allow them to take control of an affected computer.

Users can upgrade to the latest version of Chrome by opening Chrome and clicking on the three buttons to the right of the URL bar and click on Click Update Google Chrome in the drop-down menu. If you do not see this option, you are running the latest version of Chrome. As mentioned, the exploit for CVE exists in the wild and is being used by hackers. This means they can potentially take over an infected computer and possibly install more malware on the machine.

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Bookmarklets chrome android exploit

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Internet Security Center. Free Trials. Emerging Threats. Exploit for CVE exists in the wild and is being exploited by hackers. Hackers could take control of computers by exploiting this vulnerability. Upgrading to Chrome- How hackers are already taking advantage of the Chrome vulnerability Google is aware that the exploit for CVE exists in the wild.

Is this Google Chrome zero-day vulnerability serious? Cyber threats have evolved, and so have we. Learn More. Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you. NortonLifeLock offerings may not cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat we write about. Our goal is to increase awareness about cyber safety.

Please review complete Terms during enrollment or setup. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and that LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities affect billions of devices.

Here's the reason why people cover their webcam. Norton at DefCon.Having a good set of bookmarklets on your browser's toolbar is like having a web-savvy Leatherman handy—you can take them anywhere, use them in many situations, and they just simply work. A bookmark let is a little different than a plain old bookmark—it's a snippet of JavaScript that can perform all sorts of magic on the web page you're currently viewing.

You add bookmarklets to your bookmarks collection to get all sorts of things done as you surf the web. Let's take a look at some of the best bookmarklets available, which can help you search and email, download videos, and work out some of the web's kinks.

To start using a bookmarklet, make sure your browser's bookmarks toolbar is visible. Then, drag and drop the bookmarklet link enclosed in square brackets below each item on this post to your bookmarks toolbar. When you're on a page where you want to use the bookmarklet? Just click its name on your toolbar. If you're the type who gives their upper-right search box a serious workout, the "web command line" YubNub could be right up your alley, and its bookmarklet makes it lightning-quick.

Using the text box that pops up, type in gmaps Starbucks for a Google Maps look at local chain coffee joints, wp Hawaii for the Wikipedia entry on the 50th state, or whatever shortcuts suit your fancy. For even better browser integration, you can install YubNub in your Firefox address bar. Our own JavaScript tweaker Adam took a liking to the original GmailThis bookmarkletwhich pops up a Gmail compose window with a link to the page you're browsing already inserted.

The Supercharged edition is a custom fit for anyone who does their bookmarking with Gmailbut can also be used to set up multiple pre-addressed, pre-formatted messages: "Thought you'd like to check this out, Boss," "This week's discussion topic," etc. Set it up to your specifications, and it might be faster than your desktop email client.

Every so often, you find a web page that reminds you of that awkward stage in web development when every other page had auto-loading MIDI music, some kind of Flash animation, and iframes galore.

The Remove Bloat bookmarklet, noted by CyberNet's roundup of bookmarkletsinstantly strips out Java applications, Flash, music, and third-party iframes. When you just need to get at some text, or want to make your friend's MySpace page just a bit more tolerable, hit this button.

If the web has more of anything these days besides, you know, thatit's sites with login requirements. If you just want to check out a service or read that regrettably registration-required article, BugMeNot is your one-stop shop for borrowed free web site logins. Click the bookmarklet to fill out a user-submitted site's username and password fields.

BugMeNot's been around for a long time, and it's hard to find a site not covered by its helpful submitters Original post.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Web browser bookmarklets allow you to perform actions on the current page with just a click or tap.

Web pages you view in your browser use JavaScript code. A bookmarklet is a normal bookmark with a piece of JavaScript code instead of a web address. When you click or tap the bookmarklet, it will execute the JavaScript code on the current page instead of loading a different page, as most bookmarks do. Bookmarklets can be used to do something to a web page with a single click. When you click the bookmarklet, it will run code that lets you easily share the current page with that service.

It can access anything the web page could access. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pocket host pages where they provide bookmarklets along with browser extensions.

You can get them from practically anywhere — installing them just involves copying a bit of text off of a web page. Bookmarklets are simple to install. In Firefox, right-click the toolbar and click Bookmarks Toolbar. You can also install bookmarklets manually. If the bookmarklet is a link, right-click or long-press the link and copy its address to your clipboard. Give your bookmarklet a name and save it.

Just click the bookmarklet and your browser will run it on the current page. Open the web page you want to run the bookmarklet on, tap your location bar, and start searching for the name of the bookmarklet.

Bookmarklets chrome android exploit

Note that the bookmarklet only appears here because we have it saved as a bookmark in Chrome. The location bar approach may also be necessary in other browsers. The trick is loading the bookmark so that it will be associated with your current tab.

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